Euroclean Health Pro Vacuum Cleaner


For homes that are exposed to allergy causing dust mites, the Euroclean Health pro is the best choice to make. The only vacuum cleaner that combines the power of suction and sanitization, Health Pro can clean and sanitize the bed, sofa and other upholstery effortlessly.

  • 4 stage cleaning process to ensure spotless cleaning and healthy surrounding
  • UV C germicidal formula to remove pathogens, bacteria and viruses in the process of cleaning
  • Easy disposal of dust and dirt with a click of a button
  • Powerful suction to ensure no residues are left out in your living space
  • Compact and light weight, facilitating easy storage and convenient cleaning
  • 4 Stage Cleaning Process

    First vacuum cleaner that is equipped with a 4 stage cleaning process that includes stabbing, powerful suction, sanitization and the final stage of cleaning through HEPA filtration that purifies upto 99.77% of penetrating air borne particles.


  • Powerful Suction

    Euroclean Health Pro is powered with 600 W of suction that removes the deep embedded dust and dirt from any kind of soft surfaces and upholstery.


  • Attached Hose Pipe

    The unique feature of Euroclean Health Pro is that it comes with a pre-fixed hose pipe, which frees you from the task of connecting an extension, thus making cleaning easy and convenient.


  • Power of UV C Germicidal

    The UV C germicidal removes the traces of all pathogens, bacteria, viruses and microorganisms, protecting your loved ones from dreaded respiratory disorders.


  • Hand Held & Light in Weight

    Euroclean Health Pro can be handheld with utmost ease as it is light weight. It also comes options that let you strap it alongside your shoulder, making the whole cleaning process more efficient and convenient.


  • Compact Size

    The extremely compact vacuum cleaner facilitates easy storage and also makes it handy to be used effectively in the cleaning process.


  • Easy Disposal

    Euroclean Health Pro is enabled with a dust bag that can be cleaned efficiently with just a press of a button.

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