Forbes Drift Vacuum Cleaner Cordless with Blower


Cordless Vacuum cleaner with blower function. Upright cum handheld, lightweight and Portable. Elegant design body and versatile cleaning.

  • Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

    Enjoy the freedom of wirless cleaning.


  • Powerful suction

    Powered with best in class 17.7 KPA suction to tackle deep seated dust, dirt and dust mites.


  • Blower Function

    Equipped with Powerful state of the Art blower to blow away all hidden dust and dirt .


  • Multi Mode cleaning

    Forbes Drift is a smart 2-in-1 upright-cum-handheld vacuum cleaner that cleans doors, upholstery and even corners with ease.


  • Twin Speed Mode

    Forbes Drift is powered with two power modes namely low and high to perform cleaning at different areas as desired by the user.


  • Easy Dust Disposal

    Drift gives you convenience to conveniently dispose dust without touching the dust.


  • Range of Accessories

    Forbes Drift comes with state of the art range of accessories for different cleaning needs.


  • Long battery life

    Forbes Drift gives its user uninterrupted 30 minutes cleaning experience


  • Motorized Cleaning

    The motorized power brush can be used across marble , carpet and wooden floors . The Power brush rotates 6500 rpm and gets rid of the toughest dirt and dust embedded deep within the surface , leaving no traces of

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