Euroclean Eco Clean Vacuum Cleaner


Eco Clean is a one-stop solution for all your cleaning needs.

It completely rubs-down showers, taps, wash basins, tiles, mirrors, lofts, skirting, etc. in the bathroom. In the kitchen, it removes nasty, tough stains on the chimney, cabinets, sinks, appliances, and shining surfaces with polish. Euroclean ECO CLEAN sanitizes surfaces with steam. Steam cleaning is effective enough to sterilize a surface because water is heated to a high temperature. Since chemical solutions are not used during steam cleaning, the process is often referred to as eco-friendly. Steam vapor is even known to kill dust mites that live in upholstery, bedding and carpet.

  • Chemical Free Cleaning: The power of steam, deep cleans stubborn dirt and dust with 100% efficiency



  • Provides more than 10 cleaning functions



  • Instant steam generation generates steam in less than a minute



  • Lets you refill tank without turning the machine off



  • Eliminates bacteria and viruses completely

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