Aquaguard Select DESIGNO UTC RO+UV+MTDS Purifier


Introducing AQUAGUARD select DESIGNO UTC RO+UV+MTDS, a water purifier that fits perfectly under your kitchen sink.Aquaguard Select Designo UTC has been designed keeping in mind the aesthetics of your stylish kitchen décor. This innovative water purifier fits under your kitchen counter and comes with a separate faucet. It gives you easy access to healthy drinking water, and even allows you to wash fruits and vegetables with purified water. So, install the Aquaguard Select Designo UTC water purifier and give your family a source of good health always!

  • Active Copper Maxx with Zinc Booster™*#

    Active Copper Maxx with Zinc Booster™*Infuses copper and zinc ions into the water. The Maxx effect releases not only copper and zinc but right amount of Calcium,
    Magnesium to give you pure and healthy drinking water.
    * Copper and Zinc Infusion in adherence to *IS 10500:2012 Drinking water specification (Acceptable limit) #Patent No. 332771


  • Aesthetics Friendly

    An Intelligent water purifier that is a perfect blend of form and function. This purifier easily fits under the pre/existing cabinets providing sheer efficiency and style quotient to the kitchen space.


  • One Tap, Many Benefits

    The Aquaguardᴿ Select Designo UTC water purifier makes healthy drinking water available with absolute convenience and also has multiple benefits. In addition to drinking, it can be used to wash vegetables and fruits. Using this water for cooking is also a smart choice. The under the counter placement makes filling water bottles, easy and instant.


  • Universal Water Purifier

    Best in class HD RO+ UV purification system that works across various water conditions.


  • Biotron™** Technology

    The Patented Biotron technology unlocks minerals from your drinking water for faster absorption & more health benefits. **As per the:
    a) Independent Published Scientific Research
    b) Agriculture Water Management 96(2009) 1229-1236
    c) Current World Environment Vol. 9(3), 1008-1016 (2014)
    d) Nutrition Research and Practice (Nutr. Res. Pract.) 2013; 7(1): 34-42
    #Patented Technology. Patent No 360880


  • RO Technology

    RO technology removes TDS, hardness, pesticides & heavy metals. Eliminates harmful bacteria, viruses, protozoa & cysts


  • Mineral GuardTM

    The technology retains essential minerals like calcium and magnesium naturally present in water, which ordinary water purifier deplete, giving you healthy water.


  • E Boiling

    Ensures that every drop of water is as pure and safe as water that has been boiled for over 20 minutes.


  • Large Storage

    Aquaguardᴿ Select Designo UTC is built with a 8 lts. storage capacity, to ensure safe and healthy water always.


  • Intuitive LED Display

    The Intuitive LED display of Aquaguardᴿ SelectTM Designo UTC informs you about the purification process, water level and service alert.


  • Warranty

    The Products are warranted against manufacturing defects for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of original purchase.

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