Aquaguard Reviva RO+UV+MTDS Water Purifier


With a contemporary robust design the Reviva RO+UV is extensively made to fit the modern day needs of your home. Its unique features and TDS regulator enables you to revive the original taste of water, to ensure that the water you drink is not just pure but taste’s great too.

  • Equipped with most advanced Technologies Active Copper Zinc Booster Technology™ and Mineral Guard™
  • RO technology removes impurities and retains essential minerals
  • Unique e-boiling makes the water as safe and pure as the water boiled for over 20 minutes
  • Taste Enhancer removes residual organic impurities and enhances the original taste of water
  • Enhanced storage capacity of 8 lts to ensure you get readily available drinking water
  • Active Copper Zinc Booster Technology™

    Double Goodness of Copper and Zinc^
    Infuses the right amount of copper and zinc ions to give you pure and healthy drinking water always.
    *Copper & Zinc Infusion in adherence to IS 10500:2012 Drinking Water Specification (Acceptable Limit). #Patent No. 332771
    ^Double Goodness implies the Goodness of copper and Zinc as compared to earlier products of Aquaguard with only Copper


  • RO

    Unique RO technology removes excess TDS, blocks dissolved impurities and chemical contaminants, while retaining essential minerals in the drinking water.


  • Unique e- Boiling

    Innovation is not always seen to the eye, like the unique UV technology that internally works wonders in making your water as safe and pure as the water boiled for over 20 minutes. The e-boiling technique kills bacteria and viruses, ensuring you get safe drinking water.


  • TDS Regulator

    The regulator lets you adjust the levels of TDS in the water manually to ensure you get healthy, safe and tasty drinking water.


  • Complete Protection

    The purifier eliminates tough new age contaminants like lead, pesticides and heavy metals from water. It also ensures that water is free from disease-causing bacteria, virus and protozoa.


  • Large Storage Capacity

    Reviva is built with a 8 lts storage capacity, to ensure you have readily available drinking water at all times.

  • Warranty

    The Products are warranted against manufacturing defects for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of original purchase.

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